About us


Eric Brown has been working in the Toni and Eric in Times SquareRestaurant and Food Industry for over 20 years. He has worked at some of Atlanta’s top restaurants. After 21 years in the industry, he went back to school to get his Degree in Culinary Arts at Le Cordon Bleu, and graduated with the highest honors.
During his experiences in this food world, one of his passions has become a focus on the obligation for understanding food allergies and dietary restrictions and executing them in a way that intensives any and all connoisseurs of eating.
Eric’s menu expands to the needs of, not only the meat lovers, but also to the taste buds of the vegan and vegetarians  in our community.
His most recent accomplishment was in October 2015, he won the Signature Dish Competition at the Atlanta Food Service Expo.  In every aspect of the food industry, from working for distributors, to serving, bartending, and cooking, has inspired him to go into business for himself.
“I keep being asked to produce many of my signature dishes for people, including my barbecue mac n’ cheese, soups, and barbecue.  So here we go!”